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Look Your Best With Body Contouring

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center offers this cutting-edge, highly rated, non-surgical body contouring procedure to help you eliminate body issues, including:

-Collagen loss
-Sagging skin
-Aged skin
-Love handles

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Benefits of Hormone Therapy

Hormone imbalances can have a wide array of effects that can greatly impact your quality of life. Advances in hormone therapy have made it easier to customize treatment depending on the symptoms you are experiencing.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

While it is normal for changes to occur, it can impact self-image and confidence.  Advances in modern medicine and cosmetic procedures have made it easier to help you to combat the changes that come with aging and gain the results you are looking for.


Why Choose Ultherapy

Ultherapy utilizes the latest technology used to lift skin and improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Before undergoing Ultherapy treatments, the following information will help to familiarize yourself with this procedure.


Awarded Top Medical Spa – Aesthetic Everything

Our dedicated team across America have won several prestigious awards in 2017 by Aesthetic Everything. Just another reason that our professional staff at BHRC med spas can deliver the best anti-aging treatments for our clients. Inside peak of ABC 15 airing Vanessa Florez from Aesthetic Everything awarding owner Dan Holtz 3 major awards for Medspa’s in the nation.

Top beauty trends of 2017

The Top Health and Beauty Trends for 2017

Every advancement in science brings newer and better anti-aging techniques and a host of health and beauty trends that follow suit. And many beauty treatments can enhance your stunning good looks and reverse the effects of aging and environmental damage. So, what new health and beauty trends will 2017 bring for you?