BTL Vanquish Me is an effective, non-invasive weight loss option for men and women who have tried to lose excess weight using diet, exercise, and other fat loss treatments. BTL Vanquish Me targets the abdominal area and inner and outer thighs to give men and women a leaner figure and silhouette and produces results that can last a lifetime. Here’s more about how BTL Vanquish Me works and where you can find this noninvasive fat reduction treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona.


BTL Vanquish Me is an FDA-approved fat loss and body sculpting treatment that reduces fat in the abdomen and thighs. This noninvasive, no-contact treatment uses radiofrequency technology to heat up the targeted fat area and destroy unwanted fat cells without causing harm to nearby tissue and organs. Results from BTL Vanquish Me are permanent as long as you continue to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, and drink plenty of water as part of your everyday lifestyle.

What Are the Benefits of BTL VANQUISH ME?

The main, most important benefit of BTL Vanquish Me is being able to permanently eliminate unwanted fat from the abdominal region and thighs. This treatment can be used on men and women regardless of size or body mass index and is a painless, noninvasive alternative to surgical body sculpting procedures.

Additional benefits of BTL Vanquish Me include:

  •             Short treatment sessions
  •             Fast results
  •             No downtime
  •             No contact with skin
  •             Nonsurgical
  •             Treats large areas
  •             Safe and effective

If BTL Vanquish Me sounds like an ideal fat loss solution for you, our team at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center can discuss your unique treatment goals and confirm whether you are an ideal candidate for this procedure.

What Happens During BTL VANQUISH ME Treatment?

The BTL Vanquish Me procedure is fast, convenient, and painless. You will be instructed to lie down in a comfortable position for about 30 to 45 minutes, during which an applicator is placed directly over the treatment area without touching the skin. You may feel a warm sensation in the area being treated, which usually lasts for a few hours following your treatment session.

During BTL Vanquish Me treatment, you may relax, sleep, read, work, or listen to music. At the end of your treatment session, you can resume your normal daily activities without experiencing downtime.

Most patients treated with BTL Vanquish Me need four to six treatments spaced one week apart to achieve optimal results. Results may be noticeable right away, though most patients see desired results after around two to three weeks following the end of treatment.

Fat Reduction and Weight Loss Services in Scottsdale

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center in Scottsdale offers BTL Vanquish Me for fat loss along with many other fat reduction treatments for women and men. Book an appointment with us online or call us at (480) 306-7766 to learn more about BTL Vanquish Me and our other available rejuvenation treatments.

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