Cellulite: Why Does It Happen and How to Get Rid of It

Girl shows holding and pushing the skin of the legs cellulite, orange peel. Treatment and disposal of excess weight, the deposition of subcutaneous fat tissue

That dimpled, lumpy appearance on your thighs, hips, and buttocks might be cellulite. About 80% of all women will experience cellulite. Although cellulite is most common in women, men also get cellulite, and it’s a source of embarrassment for both genders.

Why do those dreaded bumps happen in the first place? When fat deposits push through from under your skin, the result is cellulite. As you age, your body’s natural collagen production declines and more fat is stored than you would like, causing wrinkles, sagging, and cellulite. Your skin also loses collagen due to hormonal changes and weight changes, which leads to the appearance of cellulite to become more pronounced, causing dimpling of the skin.

Are You Wondering How to Get Rid of Cellulite?

Now that we know what causes cellulite let’s talk about how to get rid of it naturally. At Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, serving Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Tempe, and Chandler, we realize that you want to look and feel better. That’s why we provide a cellulite treatment plan that’s unlike any other.

Laser face and body remodeling stimulates the formation of new collagen for cellulite removal and long-lasting improvement of your skin's appearance. This state-of-the-art technology helps you lose fat, reduce cellulite, and visibly tighten and firm your problem areas.

Face and Body Remodeling With Laser Technology

Revolutionary laser cellulite removal treatments help to combat the effects of aging and target stubborn fat and cellulite while tightening up your skin. Connective tissues are also tightened to reduce the appearance of cellulite and naturally stimulate fat loss in your body.

Face and body remodeling fast-tracks and advances your natural skin growth process. It renews collagen and restores your natural beauty without the need for invasive surgery. Your body has the ability to renew therapeutic bioactive materials like collagen, which is needed to give your skin that much needed to boost. Lasers help your body to accelerate this process for beautiful long-term results.

Our powerful yet safe laser will begin to eliminate fat cells that will then be cleared by your body’s natural mechanisms. Your reduction in fat and cellulite and skin tightening will continue to improve as you progress through the pain-free treatments.

Our experienced and highly trained staff will guide you through this transformation process as you begin to restore your natural beauty. You get results quickly, without downtime, and without surgery. We know you want to look better without pain. Our goal is to help you get rid of cellulite in a welcoming environment using the best cellulite treatments in and around Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Tempe, and Chandler in Arizona, If you want to age beautifully and always look and feel your best, contact Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. Meet with our medical professionals for more information about our cellulite removal, skin resurfacing, fat loss, and laser therapy treatments by booking a complimentary consultation. We help you achieve optimal health and beauty to give your confidence a boost!

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