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Hormone Imbalance in Men

Your hormones decline as you age, and this can affect your quality of life. See how hormone balancing to treat hormone imbalance in men can improve your reproductive function, increase muscle bulk, and elevate your bone density.


Hormone Imbalance in Men

Your hormones decline as you age, and this can affect your quality of life. See how hormone balancing to treat hormone imbalance in men can improve your reproductive function, increase muscle bulk, and elevate your bone density.


We use hormone replacement therapy in men to treat common hormonal imbalances such as testosterone, progesterone, thyroid, and estrogen.

Our founders are continually trialing and testing revolutionary testosterone hormone replacement therapy techniques to ensure you get results in the safest way possible.


We reduce the risk of side effects in male hormone treatment by using an advanced titration dosage method to avoid hormone spikes through dosage at lower amounts, more often.

When correctly administered using our hormone optimization procedure, hormonal imbalance in males can be reduced to a level that is lower than traditional HRT methods.

Hormone Imbalance in Men: The Hidden Tax

Hormone imbalance in men is a problem that you may have thought could only happen to women. As men age hormones decline and can cause significant, progressive symptoms in men. The decline in male androgens is termed “andropause.” Because testosterone levels decline gradually, symptoms of low testosterone often go unnoticed or are dismissed as normal part of aging.

Symptoms of hormone decline in men can include:

  • Decrease in libido (sex drive)
  • Hair loss
  • Lack of energy
  • Decrease in muscle mass, strength or endurance
  • Weight gain
  • Lack of motivation
  • Decrease in bone mass
  • Feeling sad and grumpy
  • Can’t stay awake at night
  • Memory problems
  • Declining mental clarity
  • Thinning of skin wrinkles
  • Bone loss

If you are experiencing some or all of the symptoms of hormone imbalance in men, you may be experiencing hormonal decline. Hormonal imbalance in men can cause many chronic health problems and increase the risk of serious disease. BHRT can help reduce the symptoms of low hormone levels, prevent more serious disease and bring back optimal physical and mental health as well as emotional well-being.

Optimizing Male Hormones

Conventional hormone replacement therapy is typically prepackaged patches, gels, and injections from pharmaceutical companies which are sold in a limited number of doses. We use Bio-Identical hormones that can be formulated at virtually any dose the practitioner feels is clinically necessary.

The basis of our unique method of hormone replacement is:

  • Using only Bio-identical hormones that are structurally identical to hormones produced by your body
  • Only administering Bio-identical hormones in small amounts, more frequently creating consistent hormone levels throughout the day.

Using this method of hormone replacement, the vital systems of the body maintain a harmonious synergy with the hormone replacement treatment virtually eliminating side effects.

Although hormone replacement in men is traditionally thought of as “testosterone” therapy, many hormones act in synergy in the male body to maintain metabolism, tissue growth/development, sexual health, body temperature, mood, cognitive functioning, immune system, sleep, bone health and cardiovascular health.

A hormone imbalance in men can cause a multitude of symptoms that affect daily life. For example, a thyroid deficiency can cause great fatigue, weight gain, mental fogginess and difficulty sleeping.

We believe that effective hormone treatment is an effective remedy for hormone imbalance in men. Hormone replacement should be viewed as long-term treatment. Comprehensive tests, along with a careful physical examination including a thorough evaluation of symptoms and medical history are essential in detecting and restoring total hormone imbalance in men. A personalized program is created matching solutions with the detected deficiencies/or excesses. After starting hormone therapy, your practitioner will monitor your hormone levels regularly to ensure optimal balance is maintained.

Testosterone Replacement for Hormone Imbalance in Men

Testosterone is the chief male hormone, and is essential for libido and erectile function, and plays a key role in mood, energy, bone health, and body composition. Some studies have linked low testosterone to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Testosterone levels decline with age, usually beginning in a man’s mid-30s. By age 40, testosterone levels typically drop by 1-1.5% every year but can decline more rapidly. Common disorders associated with low testosterone levels are:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of motivation and drive
  • Cognitive decline
  • Muscle loss, increase in fat
  • Hair loss
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sexual dysfunction/decreased libido

The goal of testosterone replacement therapy is to restore testosterone levels to what is healthy and optimal for each patient. An ideal BHRT program is created for each patient based on complete blood work up and health evaluation. Testosterone levels will regularly be tested, as determined by your medical professional, to maintain safe, optimal levels.

Restoring testosterone levels can have a tremendous impact on a man’s health and quality of life. Often men see dramatic improvements once testosterone levels are restored and low testosterone symptoms resolve. The following changes have been noted by our patients over the years and can be noticed within 2-10 weeks of starting treatment:

  • Improved mood, calmer, more stable
  • More confident, improved sense of well-being
  • Restored sexual desire, vigor, erectile functioning
  • Reduced bone loss and risk fractures.
  • Improved body composition. Increased muscle and strength and Decreased body fat
Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Cause Cancer?

In our experience, correctly administered Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is both safe and effective. Studies have shown properly balanced hormones with BHRT can reduce the risk of age-related conditions and disease.

Bio-Identical hormones have been used for over 50 years resulting in several excellent, large studies published in reputable medical journals showing their safety and efficacy. Of course, safety and efficacy with BHRT depend on the dosage. Too much of a good thing can turn out to be a bad thing. Our practitioners only prescribe medically appropriate dosages specific to each patient needs thereby restoring a healthy balance and relieving symptoms.


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More About Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones function as your body’s chemical messengers, playing an integral part in how each of our bodies work, ensuring that our bodies operate “according to plan.” Created by your endocrine glands, hormones travel through the bloodstream to signal your organs and tissues to how to function properly.

Hormone replacement therapy - also known as HRT, menopausal hormone therapy, and estrogen replacement therapy - uses naturally occurring bio-identical hormones including testosterone, estrogen progesterone, and others, to treat common symptoms of hormonal imbalance including uncontrolled weight gain, menopause and aging.

Approximately after the age of 25, both men and women experience a decline in hormone production, causing a range of symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness, low labido, sexual dysfunction, and can sometimes lead to conditions like osteoporosis, heart disease, and dementia. To combat these, HRT replenishes the hormones that your body no longer makes in sufficient amounts, restoring hormonal balance to your body and allowing you to experience an extraordinary quality of life again.